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Things I wish I’d learnt before Emergency Medicine and Parenthood


An emergency medicine consultant, a senior surgical trainee, and a salaried GP sat in a bar. 

Dizziness made easy


Ever since I recorded the video I used the Semont manoeuvre to treat BPPV in several patients, with an alarming success rate. Some even managed to walk out symptom free within 4 hours, thereby saving both time and a CDU space.

Part 1

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This is the first in a new series of podcasts from the RCEM Research & Publications Committee.

A Guide to Organising a Training Day


So you got the short straw? Are you looking forward to organising the training day like you are to writing your CTR (Hint: neither of these tasks are fun).

LTC Podcast 8 – Role of the Resus Officer


Resus Officers – They know how to run an arrest, it’s what they do and they are all very experienced at it.

FCEM tips from someone that knows


Anyone who has passed the fellowship exam knows that it takes over about a year of your life. That’s if you’re lucky and make it through first time.

Top 10 Tips for your First Consultant Job

Keep calm

FOAMed North West (@FOAMEDNW) asks the latest consultant recruits at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital what advice they would give to the new (top) kids on the block. This is what they answered.